Merv Griffin Photo-Doug, Burt Reynolds, and the Maharishi

The rare above photo features Doug on the Merv Griffin show in Autumn of 1977. Sitting with Doug is the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and…Burt Reynolds. While I have not seen this particular appearance, my guess is that a discussion about Transcendental Meditation was on everyone’s lips that day.  Based on his expression, does anyone care to…

Tonight Show 1981 Appearance in Full with Interview

The glass illusion part of this clip is widely available from the Johnny Carson You Tube channel. However, what makes today’s post extra special is that this is the full segment with the Johnny interview that followed. Doug was there to promote “World of Magic IV,” and regales the audience with tales of famed 19th…

Merv Griffin Appearance

I apologize for the poor quality of this clip, but the close-up illusions are well worth the price of admission. So, please stick with it! Now, I know we’ve most likely seen these illusions before. However, I like seeing how Doug would adapt and present his illusions in different settings and contexts.  Needless, to say…

Doug on the “Dinah Shore Show:” Part One

This fantastic performance clip comes from when Doug was a guest on Dinah Shore’s appropriately named talk show “Dinah.” It’s a great sampling of some of Doug’s greatest hits, and well worth the four minutes and fifty seconds of your time. I’ll feature the interview segment itself tomorrow. Enjoy!

Letterman’s Top Ten List

To my knowledge Doug never appeared as a guest on NBC’s famed “Late Night with David Letterman.” However, that didn’t stop Letterman from including Doug in his nightly “Top Ten” list.  So, sit back, relax, and wait with bated breath for magic number 5! Special Thanks to Steven Max Droge