21 Minutes of Doug on Dick Cavett

(ED. Note: Due to legal reasons this video was apparently removed by You Tube. Sorry about that)

This twenty-one minute slice of heaven is Doug on “The Dick Cavett Show.” It’s not the full show, but just enough to get your heart racing. 

The only drawback, as you can probably hear, is the static over the audio and poor picture quality. However, I feel the pros vastly outweigh the cons with this clip. So, sit back, relax, and listen to the eternal wonder and urbane wit of Doug Henning and Dick Cavett. 

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  1. Whitt Smith says:

    I had heard for YEARS Cavett had Henning on his show but have yet to see it for sale or even a small part of it, So a HUGE thank you!! 🙂


  2. bhlumley says:

    Doug and Dick liked each other and it was easy for them to perform together.
    Dick was a magician but was very nervous about doing his magic in front of us. One of his back stage comments was “This is why I talk”, he was funny in real life.
    This was the second time we took an illusion out of the theatre for promotion. Notice Doug, Ron and Lloyd are in show costume this time.


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