Newly Discovered Doug Costumes: Part 2

Yesterday, I received A LOT of responses regarding the two costumes that photographer Drew Perlmutter has in his possession that may or may not be from “The Magic Show.”

Before, I get into specifics on the provenance of these tomorrow, I wanted to show you the rest that were sent to me. The second set are below:

If that weren’t enough to whet your appetite, Drew even did a pretty nifty photo shoot for these items called “Magic Show Tonight.” The result of this shoot will give you a better idea what was in Abb Dickson’s collection. There’s even a video of the shoot to boot on the website! Click HERE to visit the site. 

Before I give a general opinion (and one last surprise), I’d love to hear further opinions. Feel free to email or DM me, and I’ll try to distill them all in to one last consensus. 

Special Thanks to Kay Stogner and Drew Perlmutter. 

To see more of these costumes, please click: HERE

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  1. Steve Zigmont says:

    College tour


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