Newly Discovered Doug Costumes

Photographer Drew Perlmutter, recently contacted me with a treasure trove of magic costumes that had recently come into his possession. As he explained to me:

“The clothes had been sitting for a while in bags in a trailer, presumably since the 90s. My girlfriend’s best friend’s aunt… had come into them from a friend named Abb Dickson… But that’s about all we know.

We have maybe 10 or so outfits. Some we recognize, some we don’t. I’m sure not all are related to Doug Henning. A few from ’74 Magic Show? (We’re) Really just looking for any info related to the pieces, we love seeing the old photos of them in use.”

The provenance of them belonging to Abb Dickson show that they are authentic, and some such as this  are clearly from the original production of “The Magic Show.”

However, items like the one below look like Doug may have used them (or might not), but are hard to place. Nothing matches anything I’ve looked at from the costumes of “Merlin.” Any guesses out there?

I’ll have more from Drew’s collection, as well as a nifty photo shoot/video he did with the costumes as a whole tomorrow. Plus a special surprise to boot! 

See you then.

Special Thanks to Kay Stogner and Drew Perlmutter. 

To see more of these costumes, please click: HERE

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  1. jon stetson says:

    These are not from “The Magic Show”.


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