Doug Henning- In His Own Words (Part One)

For the rest of this week I’ll be reprinting Magic Magazine’s now legendary interview with Doug from October, 1999. Conducted by magician David Charvet, this lengthy interview would sadly turn out to be Doug’s last as he would pass away from cancer four months later. For those interested, the circumstances as to how this interview came about are covered in a previous “Doug Henning Project” interview with David Charvet himself. 

However, for now sit back, relax, and go back to a time where Doug Henning took back the spotlight for what turned out to be his only in depth and career spanning interview. 

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  1. bhlumley says:

    Keep your eye on the handshake…


  2. Linda says:

    I think that the greatest thing about Henning was that he was a sheer force of love and light. That light shone on everything he did…you could feel the love. He loved his work and he loved us and he loved life and he wanted us to feel it too. That I think, more than anything was the true key to his success. People like that always leave early. There is nothing left for them to learn here. They are way showers, they teach then move on to higher planes of existance…..poof! just like magic.


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