“World of Magic: 1975 and 1977” For Sale on DVD

For all those that may not have some of the “World of Magic” specials you’re in luck. Thomas Film Classics is offering the ’75 and ’77 specials to purchase on DVD.

I can vouch for the fact that these dubs look pretty, pretty, good with all things considering. The 1975 special is the best looking of the two. But, isn’t that the most important one of them all?

Anyway, if you’re interested head on down to Thomas Film Classics to give them your hard earned money. While you’re there you maybe even see some more Henning programming for sale. Just maybe!

For more information, please visit: HERE

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  1. magicofbillyg says:

    Is this a current offer or just an article for years back. As I can’t place an order. Nothing goes thru.


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