“Rockin Houston” Photo Archive-1977 TM Benefit


When I first began this website, I came across a page called “Rockin Houston” which profiles years and years worth of concerts and events that had come to the Houston, TX area. 

At the time, I profiled individual Doug photos for my site, but really didn’t  take a moment to soak in what “Rockin Houston” was offering. In addition to photos of a TM benefit that Doug did in 1977, the site is a treasure trove of artists that is seen to be believed. 

The photos of Doug, taken by Bruce Kessler, are a lot of fun and expressive as you would expect. In addition, some of them even feature Doug’s first wife Barbara DeAngelis as his assistant. It even has the program, and an autograph for that night to boot. 

For the TM Benefit photos of Doug, and the “Rockin Houston” page as a whole please click: HERE

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