“Nash the Slash” DOCU Needs Your Help with Doug Photos

Producer Colin Brunton reached out to me recently with a request for help.

Brunton and his team are working on a documentary on the late Canadian musician Jeff Plewman. Plewman, better known as Nash the Slash, was a multi-instrumentalist pioneer in progressive rock music. The film “Nash the Slash Rises Again” will be the first extensive look at Plewman’s life and career. 

It just so happens that Plewman and Doug worked together in their early days.  Doug frequently used local rock bands as back up during his shows, and Plewman’s then band “Breathless” was one of them. 

The film is looking for any photos of Doug and Breathless on stage together during this time. If they exist I haven’t seen them, so I’m looking to you the reader to help if you can.

Please feel free to email me at doughenningproject@gmail.com with any leads you may have. 

For more information on the film please visit: HERE

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