Houdini NYC House Interior: Part Four

So, all good things must come to an end, and this week’s tour of the Houdini house is no exception!

One of the most fascinating items still remaining in the house rests in the basement. Nestled off to the side is an unassuming wine cask that once belonged to none other than Bess Houdini. As some of you may know, Bessie enjoyed a frequent glass of wine, and why buy some when you can make it at home. It’s a very cool item that the owners have tried to sell at auction a few times to no avail. So, if you want it, now’s your chance!

Houdini’s back courtyard has been more modernized over the years, but it is still steeped in history. If there was any doubt that Houdini stepped foot here, check out the same brickwork in the picture of Houdini and company, courtesy of John Cox and “Wild About Harry!”

Anyway, as I wrap things up, this particular Friday in November will always stay with me as one of the best of my adventures in magic. It’s not often that you literally get to step back in time, and walk the footsteps of Harry Houdini. New York is a special place to begin with, not least of which it will always be the spiritual home of the Great Houdini. 

Bess Houdini Wine Cask
Back Courtyard
Back Courtyard Brickwork
Houdini with Frank Ducrot, Frederick Eugene Powell, and T. Nelson Downs

Special Thanks to John Cox of “Wild About Harry,”and the owners of the house for their hospitality. 

Please Note that the Houdini house is not open to the general public for tours. The owners of the home have nicely requested that fans do not show up unannounced.  

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  1. rightbrainblog says:

    Thank for all your wonderful research!! It seems to me that the Magic Castle should buy this even though they’ve been having a hard time. Imagine drinking their homemade Houdini wine!! And they recently revamped their Houdini Seance Room, too.

    Warmest regards from Tokyo, Kristin Newton

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