Houdini NYC House Interior: Part Two

The first thing you need to know is that Houdini’s house is very, very large. Rooms lead to rooms, other rooms, and beyond. It’s exactly the kind of cavernous townhouse you would expect Houdini to have lived in. Besides its ornate architecture and wood paneling, it’s a real sight to behold. 

I didn’t have the time to pinpoint where every room was in relation to when Houdini lived there. But, by just being there you always felt that the great man was never that far behind. Enjoy today’s photos in no particular order. 

Main Dining Room

To Be Continued Tomorrow…

Special Thanks to John Cox of “Wild About Harry,”and the owners of the house for their hospitality. 

Please Note that the Houdini house is not open to the general public for tours. The owners of the home have nicely requested that fans do not show up unannounced.  

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  1. jamesnussbaum says:

    Is there a way to schedule a tour of Houdini’s house with me and my compeers of SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MAGICIANS CLUB 161?? Please advise….Thank you…


    1. Neil McNally says:

      I’ve privately emailed you.


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