Houdini NYC House Interior: Part One

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. I got caught up with some professional matters that took all of my time. But, I’m back in action, and what a week I have in store for everyone. 

This past November I was visiting New York City over the Thanksgiving holiday, and had the great pleasure of visiting Houdini’s home in Harlem. Visiting the home has always been a personal dream of mine, and even when I lived in NYC it always seemed unobtainable as the owner didn’t seem to welcome visitors. So, it seemed to be a bucket list destination never to be checked off. Well, thanks to some magical connections I was able to make a dream a reality. 

As you know, Doug had a deep appreciation for Houdini and his work. I can’t help but think that if he were still alive today, he himself would have made the trek to NYC to step foot into this magical mecca. Enjoy!

Exterior of Building
Historical Landmark Marker
Main Stairwell Facing Front Door with Yours Truly
Main Stairwell Facing Door-Looking Down
Main Living Room
Original Ceiling in Living Room

To Be Continued Tomorrow…

Special Thanks to John Cox of “Wild About Harry,“and the owners of the house for their hospitality. 

Please Note that the Houdini house is not open to the general public for tours. The owners of the home have nicely requested that fans do not show up unannounced.  

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