1983 Merlin Fan Letter

The above fan letter was sent to me recently by Steve Schlanger who had no idea of its origins. But, as you can clearly see, Harriet Weston of 19 Willits Road throughly enjoyed her time at Merlin. So much so, that she put pen to paper to tell Doug about it. 

This letter is a stand out for me personally because it paints a vivid picture of what it must have been like to see Merlin. Sure we have photos, some grainy videos, and accounts of what the show was. But, you really never hear of audiences’ reaction to the show itself. This certainly fits the bill!

In closing, you really can’t ask for a better paragraph than this. It holds up in 2021 just as well as it did in 1983:

“I have felt, since I first saw you on TV that you are of a giving nature, trying to add joy and beauty to our lives in these troubled times and I want to say thank you.”




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