Magic Collectibles: Performance Costume for Sale

It’s time to get out those checkbooks once again folks as another Doug costume is up for sale. $3200 will get you this beauty that even comes along with an interesting backstory to boot. 

If memory serves me right, this classic was worn by Doug on a morning talk show that Doug hosted with Debby for a day in Pittsburgh. It even comes with a DVD of the appearance to that one lucky buyer!

So, what do you say? If interested please visit the Magic Collectibles website: HERE

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  1. Whitney Wood says:

    I believe I have the hat that goes with this. I was friends with a man named Abe Dixon who was a magician and friend of Doug Henning. When he passed away he left a basement full of Magic stuff in a funeral home that he owned. His partner was my neighbor and my mom and I went and helped clean the funeral home out and took whatever he did not want. We have several Doug Henning pieces. You are more than welcome to contact me. We have photos to back this up.


    1. Neil McNally says:

      Hello, I would love to see the items that you own. Please write me at


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