Filmed “Magic Show”Soundtrack in Full

I thought I would mix things up a little today in terms of “The Magic Show” soundtrack. Now many of us have heard, and probably own, the original show’s album. But, how many of you have heard the filmed version’s isolated score soundtrack by itself? 

Well, if you’ve always wanted to hear that, then today is your lucky day indeed. It’s interesting to compare and contrast the two, and see the obvious differences in terms of cut songs and orchestration.

I’ve gone into the troubled history of the filmed show more than a few times. So, for now I’ll just let you plug in your headphones, and enjoy this rarity all to  yourself. 

Track 1: Up to His Old Tricks
Track 2: It’s Gonna Take a Magician!
Track 3: Lion Tamer and Illusions
Track 4: Style
Track 5: A Glamorous Assistant
Track 6: Two’s Company
Track 7: Charmin’s Lament
Track 8: A Round for the Bad Guys
Track 9: Lion Tamer Reprise
Track 10: Right Before Your Very Eyes
Track 11: Right Before Your Very Eyes (Reprise)
Track 12: Doug’s Grand Illusion
Track 13: Van Zyskind’s Newspaper
Track 14: Doug’s Elephant Illusion
Track 15: Doug’s Wondrous Illusion
Track 16: Doug’s Favorite Illusion and Floor Show Bows
Track 17: Reprises & Resolutions
Track 18: Finale
Track 19: Bows
Track 20: Bows

Special Thanks to Michael Mitnick

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