World of Magic ’77: Walking Through a Brick Wall in Full

Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday. 

Do you ever get that feeling we all get when you’ve hit your wall so early in the week waiting for Friday? Well, if that’s the case, why don’t you take a breather with this famous clip of Doug literally walking through a brick wall? This breathtaking event occurred as the finale to  “World of Magic ’77” which was co-hosted by Glenn Campbell and Sandy Duncan, and still packs a wallop close to 45 years later. 

Like many of Doug’s illusions, the “brick wall” has an illustrious and rich history stretching back long before Doug to Houdini and beyond. If you would like a quick deep dive, then check out John Cox’s excellent 2014 essay on Houdini and the “Wall Illusion” at the link below:

When Houdini Walked Through a Brick Wall

Without further ado, Doug Henning…


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