Doug’s Memorial Booklet: Part One (Revised)

Over this week I will be posting Doug’s memorial book. I had done this originally in the first months of the website. But, as I didn’t have a scanner at the time its quality was less than desirable. 

Doug’s service occurred at the Bel Air Hotel in Beverly Hills on February 20, 2000. While there was a large gathering of TM people in attendance, from the magic community Harry Anderson, Ricky Jay, Billy McComb, David Charvet, Ron Wilson, Chris Smith, Lance Burton, and Jim Steinmeyer also paid their respects. 

As is often recounted, Doug wanted everyone well fed at his service. So, at the end massive doors were opened, and guests ate a lunch of Doug’s favorite foods. Blueberry pie, grilled cheese sandwiches, veggie burgers, and baked potatoes were had by all! People still talk about that to this day.

To be Continued…

Special Thanks to David Charvet

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