1987 Touring Program: Part One

Years and years ago (okay only four), when I began this website I featured Doug’s original 1987 tour program. The only problem was at the time I didn’t have a proper scanner to show off how great the program truly is. At the time, I used my IPhone, and it shows. So, I’ve always wanted to rectify that. As there is no time like the present, I will be posting the program in separate parts over the week.

I can’t say enough how much I like this program. From the photos to the essays, it’s really a history of Doug’s life and work. It’s also from his final tour, so how can you go wrong?

So sit back, get on your 1980s headband, and enjoy!


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  1. tony sadar says:

    Wonderful, thank you for all the hard work you put in,nice one.Tony sadar Ireland.


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