Wes Barker Profiles Doug on You Tube!

I came across this fun and nifty eleven minute retrospective on Doug from You Tube. In it, Canadian magician Wes Barker talks about his love of Doug, and gives us an enthusiastic history of Doug’s life and career. All with a little live commentary on some of Doug’s most famous illusions. 

What struck me the most, is that Barker discusses how he was too young to be aware of Doug when he was at his prime. It took a little thing called You Tube to show him what Doug meant to magic and entertainment history. Barker has indeed seen the light! 

Doug’s work is very prevalent on You Tube and other internet sources. For that, we should all be grateful he continues to be rediscovered almost 35 years after he retired. 

For more information on Wes and his You Tube channel please click: HERE


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  1. bhlumley says:

    Wes – the psychedelic world you saw on his videos was out of Doug Henning’s straight mind. He took no drugs of any kind, I partied with him a lot in the early days and he did not imbibe in anything beyond half a drink of alcohol – he did not like hangovers.
    He honestly believed in the art of magic and how he manifested it. He knew how to set up a magic show for the best effect – how to build drama and where in the act to put each piece. People will always need and seek a clean magical performance.


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