A Collector Needs Your Help!

This message came to me recently from collector and reader Michael Ketcham:

“I’m the owner of 3 Doug Henning costumes: these include a long robe identified as a “Wizard Robe,” along with a bright red jacket with over sized gold metal buttons along the collar and shoulders.

With regards to the “Wizard Robe, I bought this last spring from “Potter & Potter Auctions”…There aren’t any labels or markings anywhere to prove it was actually owned & worn by Doug. 

screen shot 2019-01-25 at 3.26.52 pm

As for the red jacket I mentioned, it does have a sewn-on label stamped with Doug’s name allegedly proving ownership by him. But, I’ve never located any photos of him wearing it… 

I’m seeking photographs or any other sources to actually prove Doug wore these items in performance to validate their authenticity.”

Unfortunately, Mark was unable to send me photos of the red jacket. However, the robe is featured above from the “Potter and Potter” catalog. If anyone out there has any information for Mark, please feel free to send me an email at:



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  1. Gregory Read says:

    I do recall that Doug Henning wore a red jacket on one of his Johnny Carson appearances it may or may not be the one that you have but I do remember it


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