Charles Reynolds 1981 Newspaper Interview

The undated interview below came out around the time of Doug’s fabled 1981 performances at the Pantages. Much of Doug’s time at the Pantages has been written about here before, so I won’t go into it further. 

But, what I will go into a little bit is someone who hasn’t been discussed as nearly as he should be around here, Charles Reynolds.

For those who don’t know, Charles Reynolds was one of Doug’s main right hand men, and to just say he just was Doug’s magic consultant is a vast understatement. 

As the article goes into in more detail, Charles’s  knowledge of magic history and suggestions allowed Doug to pick the creme de la creme of illusions from the past, and revitalize them for modern audiences of the day. Without his influence and consulting, it’s hard to say if the television specials would have been as successful as they were. He even went on to co-write Doug’s groundbreaking book, “Houdini: His Legend and His Magic” in 1978.

Reynolds passed away in 2010, but just like all creative powerhouses, their influence on art forms is forever. Enjoy the interview.

Special Thanks to Mark Willoughby

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