Doug and Dai Vernon at the 1978 S.A.M Convention

New York, 1978

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. But, due to some work related projects many balls have been in the air this week. However, I wanted to get something quick off to everyone, and this picture of Doug and Dai Vernon at the 1978 S.A.M. New York convention does the trick!

I’ve only seen cropped, black and white versions of this before. However, this color version really shows off the positivity that must have been in the room for these two legends of magic!

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  1. Sorry that both of these great Masters are gone now having seen Doug in the Original Magic Show on Broadway and reading up on most of Dai Vernon’s work including the Vernon Touch….Both have had a great influence on my magic and work in this craft….Inspirations in so many ways….JFN


  2. Anonymous says:

    What love and respect on the face of Doug Henning…


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