Doug and Debbie Houdini Plaza 1986 Performance

I’d be remiss in not mentioning that yesterday, March 24th, was Harry Houdini’s 147th birthday.  In honor of that special day, I thought it would be appropriate to post the above photo of Doug and Debbie in May, 1986.

Where was it taken you ask? Well, if the town of Appleton, Wisconsin means anything to you then you know that it is synonymous with Houdini as his adopted hometown. It was here in Appleton’s very own Houdini Plaza, that Doug performed the famed trunk escape “Metamorphosis” in front of the town’s abstract sculpture titled appropriately, “Metamorphosis.”

Installed as a tribute to Houdini in 1985, the sculpture resided in the town’s main plaza until 2010 when it was removed because its base had become unstable. Its vanishing act would remain until 2020, when it reappeared in its current location along Wisconsin’s Fox River. Below is a photo of the sculpture today.

All this is just another very cool moment when the legacies of Doug Henning and Harry Houdini collided. 

Happy Birthday Harry wherever you are!

Special Thanks to the Houdinez Home Page

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