Pantages Retrospective: Part 2

And we’re back…

As promised, today’s Pantages post involves Doug’s fabled 1981 performance at the venue. Running from October 13-25th, the show featured highlights from Doug’s career up to that point. 

Friends of the website Mark Willoughby and John Cox attended one of the shows, and spoke to me a bit about their memories. While Mark’s were a little cloudier, he paints a succinct picture of the visual imagery of the show itself:

“I was awestruck with all the bright and colorful magic, but remember being in love with the Mousetrap illusion.”

John spoke to me about the show in one of the site’s very first posts:

The thing I remember the most was something that I had never seen which was the vanishing and reappearing motorcycle. That was a mind-blower. The motorcycle raises up and disappears…but what I didn’t expect was that it reappears in a box behind the audience…I don’t think I had seen an illusion of that scale before…That was the thing that has stayed with me the most.

Come back tomorrow to read more about the pre-show interviews Doug did in anticipation of the performances. 

Special Thanks to Mark Willoughby and John Cox

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  1. MICHAEL LEE says:

    Interesting that D.Copperfield utalized the same blocking for. his version of the cycle switch.


  2. John Cox says:

    Thank you, Tom. I feel so lucky to have seen Doug at this time. It’s like I’m one of those people who saw Houdini! I just wish I had better memories. It took Mark and I ages just to figure out exactly when we went (I still have my ticket, but the date is torn off). BTW, I believe Dog did the Water Torture Cell during this engagement, but only for a handful of shows at the start. We didn’t see that. THAT I would have remembered!


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