Pantages Performances Retrospective

Over the past four years I’ve had the pleasure of featuring items from Doug’s various performances at Hollywood’s famed Pantages Theater. 

Known for being one of Los Angeles’s premier theatrical venues, it has been home to hundreds of Broadway shows, film premieres, concerts, and the Oscars. So, it goes without saying that in his career Doug was going to perform there, and that he did.  

Recently, Mark Willoughby was kind enough to send me his collection of Henning Pantages memorabilia. So, I figured rather than featuring just that, let’s combine it with past items, and celebrate all of Doug’s time at this storied institution. A complete Pantages-palooza if you will!

The first time Doug played the Pantages is represented from this clipping and article from 1980. It was a much briefer run consisting of roughly one week, and listed as Doug’s West Coast stage debut. I have a hunch it went over pretty well. 

To be honest with you I don’t have all the dates that Doug played here over the years. However, the most famous out of all of them was his twelve day stretch from October 13-25th, 1981. Just to give you a taste of what’s to come tomorrow I’ll leave you with this for today!

Special Thanks to Linda Gregory, Ken McCreedy, and Michael Whitecar

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