The Magic Magazine-January 1975

The above cover and article hail from “The Magic Magazine” which ran from 1974-1977. Published by Joseph Cardwell, the magazine itself went on to publish a total of 26 issues, and even had mentalist Joseph Dunninger as a contributing editor. 

This issue features a sort of meeting of the magic minds as Doug, Dunninger, and Shadow creator/Magic Writer Walter B. Gibson sat down to read, you guessed it, “The Magic Magazine.” This event took place backstage at “The Magic Show.” Coincidentally, over the last year or so two Playbills autographed by Doug to Dunninger and Gibson have turned up at auction. 

It’s not hard to imagine that this happened at this very photo shoot. If those walls could talk!

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  1. Whitt smith says:

    I loved that magazine! Wish I still had my copies. It was available on news stands, not just by subscription. The tricks were not much of anything, mainly stuff like the dunninger encyclopedia had. But what great articles! I remember the big ads in the back for the Mark wilson course, and a great photo of him, or the three of them, Mark Nani and Greg, was most always at the back side, and I remember seeing the ad for the tannen release of the Tarbell course and thinking ” Wow! if I could have that, I’d be the greatest magician in the world”. Ah youth. But to have a time machine. 😊


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