Mark Wilson (1929-2021)

By now I’m sure you have heard that legendary magician Mark Wilson passed away this week.

It goes without saying that Mark Wilson’s legacy runs deep in magic. Debuting in 1960, his TV program “The Magical World of Allakazaam,” brought legions of children magic right into their living rooms. Without him the art form itself would not have made its first steps into the modern age of television and beyond. 

It’s hard to pinpoint one element of his career to focus on, as it was so varied and fun. However, his book “Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic,” and his over 20 years of teaching at the Magic Castle live on in fan’s hearts and memories.

I myself had the pleasure of taking his courses a few years ago, and you could not find a nicer and more enthusiastic ambassador of magic. Thank you so much Mark!


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