Autographs! Autographs! Autographs!

Hello, and welcome back everyone!

You may remember last week I put out a call for people to send any unique autographs they may have of Doug lurking in their collections. I definitely wasn’t disappointed, and will be sharing some of them with you this week. 

The first one comes from William Gallaher, and is a duo of photos featuring a program and a personal letter from Doug. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the show other than it took place on May 1st at a Keystone Hall. Where that Keystone Hall is another story that I couldn’t figure out. Anyone? 

Now the letter was in regards to a blank notebook that William sent Doug. William tells me he often wonders if Doug ever used the book to scribble down notes, and where it might be now. 

Perhaps that book is waiting to be discovered in someone’s collection as well!

William Marshall GallaherWilliam Marshall Gallaher Note

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  1. If I recall the show at that college was canceled. If memory serves me right the explanation was a electric power failure. Don’t think I got to meet him there. They took and got them autographed for me then brought them back to me..
    At least that’s how I recall it.


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