Derren Brown “Doug” Name Check!

Mentalist Derren Brown, whose current Broadway show “Secret” is smashing records, was recently interviewed by “Long Island Weekly.” In it, Derren discusses the show’s history, and a certain other magician is mentioned regarding their time on Broadway. 

“Recently, breaking the record as the longest-running magician on Broadway, Brown made his U.S. debut with Secret, which originally played at the Atlantic Theater Company in lower Manhattan in 2016-17 and ultimately won the 2018 Drama Desk award for Unique Theatrical Entertainment.

“I trialed it in England as a ‘best-of-show’ and then, I did the show at the Atlantic,” Brown said, whose various one-man stage shows have garnered him five Oliver Award nominations for Best Entertainment. He won twice. “We realized going into this that the show in its full run would be the longest running one-man—now you have to be careful how you say it— but it would be the longest running one-man magic show in Broadway history. The only possible objection to that is Doug Henning, who was a huge magic name in the ’70s. He had a musical show in the same theater, the Cort Theater, where I am, which is quite exciting. It was a musical, but it had magic in it, of course. If you don’t count that, then it’s the longest running show.”

For the full article please click: HERE

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