Statue of the Pharaohs Today

If you ever wondered where a lot of Doug’s illusions have ended up over the years. Well, the short answer is that they’re mainly still around, just not always in one place as they used to be. In the case of Doug’s “Statue of the Pharaohs,” let’s get a bit of a refresher before we get to its current whereabouts:

Pretty cool huh? Well, Greg Gleason of “Masters of Illusion” fame recently shared with me what currently resides in his dining room. Want to take a guess?


As Greg tells it, the Dakolta chair on the right is the original one that Doug used on the very first “World of Magic” Special in 1975. The Egyptian motif was added later. Here’s Greg’s version of this classic illusion:

Quite a unique place to eat if you ask me.

Special Thanks to Greg Gleason. For more information on his work please visit:





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