World of Magic V: Compressed Illusion

The above clip originally aired on February 14th, 1982 and is the final “World of Magic” special. As it goes with any magician, looks can be deceiving, and Doug had one more special up his sleeve called “Doug Henning: Magic on Broadway.” But, that’s another story. 

Now back to this one. While no one could ever accuse Doug’s specials of having the best dialogue, they were always filled with guest stars galore. Similar to “The Muppet Show,” celebrities of the day were fitted into illusions and sketches with impressive and not so impressive results. 

This one, while falling into the ladder, is still fun to watch simply as a capsule of its time. You have to admit it’s not often that you see Doug, Ann Jillian, Caitlyn Jenner, and Billy Crystal trading barbs off each other. 

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