Veda Land Article feat. Full Scale Model of Park


Now I know we’ve all seen a lot about Doug’s failed theme park “Veda Land.” Every article about it seems to frame it as imminent and a mind blowing experience like none other. But, what I like in particular about this magazine piece is that it features quite a large model of the park itself which by this point was due to be built in India (one of many planned locations over its tumultuous development).

While I’ve only seen drawings and schematics, this article features what it would have looked like in three dimensions. Kind of reminiscent of a Disneyland on steroids don’t you think?

While it may not have had the luck of Disneyland, “Veda Land” will forever exist in the realms of “Might of” and “Maybe,” just north of “Who Knows?” 

Would you have gone?

Special Thanks to Michael Whitecar

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  1. Lawson ENglish says:

    A version of Veda Land IS being built in India. How similar it will be to Henning’s original vision is unknown at this point. When it will be finished, is also unknown. However one or more of the wealthiest and most influential businessmen in India are helping fund it, I understand.


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