Admired from Afar-The Magic Show

It’s Monday folks. So, what better way to start the week than something else with the letter “M” in it…Anita Morris!

This number features Morris recreating her role of Charmin from the Broadway “Magic Show” production. As the wife of its original director Grover Dale, she truly was a powerhouse performer who always lent the production the crackle and fire it needed.

After “The Magic Show,” Morris (who died from cancer in 1994) continued her successful career in theater, movies, and television. But, it will always be “The Magic Show” that is among one of her greatest triumphs! 

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  1. Peter Mennie says:

    Anita Morris was the Broadway director’s wife at the time.

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  2. bhlumley says:

    Thank you Neil. That is a great rendition of the Sawing-In-Half where Anita shows her stuff. Although not the song used in the original show it is in the same vane.
    That woman was truly a powerhouse on stage. During the dance and song routine of “Revenge” she did a full-body face drop onto the deck and came up in a rising sun full body lift motion hitting a perfect high “E”. She did this every performance. A real pro; she came in a half hour before everybody else to limber up.
    Grover and Anita were a wonderful couple. As a team they worked very well together and brought their personal chemistry into the show. Both of them did a lot to bring Doug to life on stage.
    By the way the original Sawing-In-Half was red.


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