“World of Magic 1” Non-Doug Based Advertisement


Well, as promised I’m back and ready and relaxed from my travels. I’m sorry there have been some stop gaps over the last month, but some unexpected trips came up! Anyway, I have some great things in the pipeline, and I can’t wait to share them with you moving forward. 

I thought I’d ease into things with this very obscure advertisement from “World of Magic 1.” It’s so obscure that it doesn’t even feature Doug himself. It’s also worth noting that Orson Welles is listed as one of the guest stars, but as many of you know he had to pull out at the last second from the special. It was years before he eventually appeared, and only in voice over form. 

It’s obvious that this ad came early in the promotional process, and it certainly stands out in the more obscure world of Doug Henning collecting. 

Special Thanks to Michael Whitecar

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