Rare Peter Cunningham “Merlin” Photo

The photograph featured below was taken by well known theater and music photographer Peter Cunningham, and features a stunning image from “Merlin” that I’ve never seen before.  As related to me by its owner Michelle Ainsworth, the photo was purchased from Cunningham himself, and was one of the first times he had photographed a Broadway show. 

I think we can all agree he captured the spirit of the show, and Doug quite beautifully!

Early Merlin Publicity Photo_Page_1
Michelle Ainsworth Collection/ Copyright: Peter Cunningham
Early Merlin Publicity Photo_Page_2
Michelle Ainsworth Collection/Copyright: Peter Cunningham

Special thanks to writer and researcher Michelle Ainsworth

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  1. David says:

    Had the good fortune to go through high school with Doug. I knew his Mom as well as sister Nancy. He was truly brilliant and way ahead of his time


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