Handwritten “Merlin” Monthly Expenditure Notes

Money, money, money! It makes the world go round doesn’t it? 

The notes featured below list the general costs and supplies that went into producing “Merlin” per month. While $421.74 may not seem like much now for a Broadway show, in 2019 dollars that equals to $1116.84 per month. 

Unfortunately, not everything can be conjured up with a mystical wave of the hand!

Merlin Expendables List_Page_1
Copyright: John Harrison Collection
Merlin Expendables List_Page_2
Copyright: John Harrison Collection

Special Thanks to John Harrison

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  1. Robert Baxt says:

    John Harrison is the author of one of the greatest books ever, “Spellbound: The Wonder-filled Life of Doug Henning”. It’s not only an incredible read, it is so well written I sincerely hope the John writes another book soon.


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