ebay Week: Rarely seen Doug and Chita Rivera “Merlin” Photo

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 9.17.00 AM

Now we’ve all seen pictures of Doug and Chita Rivera in their “Merlin” costumes. However, I gravitated to this one because of its natural and over all congenial tone between the two stars.

I’m guessing this was taken at the premiere of “Merlin” (correct me if I’m wrong), and it shows a bit of a respite during what was an overall complicated and troubled production. 

Any takers?

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 9.17.08 AM

For more info please click: Here

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  1. mwhitecar says:

    Hello Neil,

    I’m so sorry for not getting more material to you. I have been juggling a lot lately as I have joined a new software company (healthcare) where I’m the COO and have to build their infrastructure. I do not have the “kids” this weekend or other “half” so this Saturday/Sunday I can definitely get the pictures to you.



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    1. Neil McNally says:

      Not a problem. Thanks so much.

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