I.B.M. Plaque Unveiling Color Photos

The following photographs come from the collection of Dean Gunnarson, and feature Doug at the 1986 plaque unveiling ceremony commemorating the first location of the I.B.M headquarters in Winnipeg. For those unfamiliar, I.B.M. is the abbreviation for the esteemed organization the “International Brotherhood of Magicians.” 

While I have featured this event before, never have I seen such a detailed and vibrant color photo as the top one. Accompanying Doug in the fiery unveiling was Len Ventus, I.B.M’s founder and its first president. 

It certainly seemed to be a day of the older generation mingling with the new!

Copyright: Dean Gunnarson
Copyright: Dean Gunnarson
Copyright: Dean Gunnarson

Special Thanks to Dean Gunnarson

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  1. Bruce Thomson says:

    Bill Brace, who is one of the photos, had me take a series of Photographs of this event. sadly, after his death i have no idea where they are. I would caution anyone who volunteers to take photos to insist that someone get a photo of you so you are not “forgotten”.


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