Doug and Barbara Walters-Full Photo

Doug and Barbara Walters
Copyright: Estate of Bettye Lane

The above photo comes from a July 16, 1974 appearance of Doug on a Barbara Walters NBC program titled “Not for Women Only.” While actual footage from this program isn’t readily available, this photo certainly gives you a taste of Doug utilizing Walters in the sawing illusion. as featured in “The Magic Show.”

While I have seen tattered color images from this appearance online, this is the first time I am seeing this particular photo in a pristine and digitized condition. 

For more information on this photo please click: Here

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  1. bhlumley says:

    This is his first “Not for Women Only” appearance. It was a promotion for not only Doug and The Magic Show but also the up coming July 22, TIME Magazine week of magic. It is a good example of his ability to organize his opportunities. Notice that Doug and the assistants are in their street clothes. This whole moment was initiated over dinner the night before.
    The Magic Show had been running for about six weeks and Doug was getting a lot of attention. Barbara Walters came to the show and invited him to dinner after. She wanted to do an illusion on her show and she liked the Sawing-in-Half. She had an opening in her show the next day. By the end of dinner Doug had made a few phone calls and arranged for us to pick the illusion up at the Cort before “the hour of the wolf” the next morning. We could not pick up the costumes for legal reasons.
    We were all impressed by Barbara’s agility and memory. She learned the illusion by show time that morning.


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