Dave Collier 1978 Photos: After Party with Dai Vernon

Well, all good things must come to an end folks. As much as I’d love to keep posting these fantastic and memorable photos, I’ve run out of my supply. Not to worry though because next week I’ll be posting an exclusive interview with photographer Dave Collier to give you more backstory on his life and career.

Until then, that’s a wrap on 1978!

Doug, Barbara DeAngelis (Right), Dai Vernon (Far Right), Ivan Reitman (Left) Charles Reynolds (Far Left)


Shirley Henning (Center), Brooke Shields (Left) Charles Reynold (Right), Regina Reynolds (Far Right)
Shirley Henning and Dai Vernon

A Very Special Final Thanks to Dave Collier and Bill Goodwin for their Enthusiasm and Cooperation in Allowing these Pictures to be Posted.

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