Johnny Thompson Tribute

I’m sure that many of you heard over the weekend that master magician/comedian Johnny Thompson passed away. When someone this influential passes away, people are only left with their individual memories to go over and ponder. For myself, I was extremely fortunate to spend an evening with Johnny last May at his Las Vegas home while shooting my upcoming  documentary on Doug.

The evening was set up by Ariann Black, and Johnny, as you can imagine, was a consummate host. He was so enthusiastic and appreciative to talk about Doug and their friendship. I was, and still am, struck by his kindness and wanting to get to know who I was as a person. At the end of the evening, he even performed two close up card and coin illusions for myself and my crew. It was a moment that will truly stay with me forever. 

While many people knew Johnny much longer than I did, I will always think back to that warm and congenial evening in May with good thoughts and happiness. Thanks Johnny!


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  1. Lou says:

    What a giving person. Both of you. R.I.P. Johnny.


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