Saturday at Sardis!

Today’s entry features photos from when (I’m guessing) Doug’s caricature was created for the esteemed New York City restaurant “Sardis.” For many, you really haven’t hit it big until you are hanging on the wall of this venerable institution. I’m also guessing this was probably from the time of “Merlin” as well. 

It’s interesting to note that while Debby is featured joining in on the fun, I’m not really sure who the man is with Doug in the second photo. Any guesses out there?


gettyimages-110775603-1024x1024gettyimages-110775598-1024x1024gettyimages-110775609-1024x1024 (1)gettyimages-116757487-612x612


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  1. Hi Neil,

    I wonder if the mystery man is the artist who did Doug’s portrait?

    Thanks for all your research!

    Kristin Newton (in Tokyo)

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