Dave Collier “World of Magic 1” Photos

I apologize for not posting in a bit, but what I’ve been given access to will certainly make up for it.

Recently, photographer Dave Collier and Magic Castle librarian Bill Goodwin have graciously granted me access to a treasure trove of never before seen photos. As you will see, these represent Doug behind and in front of the cameras while taping the the first four specials. 

So, what better place to begin at the start? 1975 anyone?


Special Thanks to Dave Collier and Bill Goodwin

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  1. Dan Sclare says:



  2. Diane McBain says:

    Thanks for the show. Love the photos David.


  3. bhlumley says:

    The Big Nickle production after the Fickle Nickle is Doug’s tribute to his beloved Canadian mentor Johnny Giordmaine. Johnny taught Doug how to keep the action going.


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