Canadian Walk of Fame Mishap

In 2010, Doug was finally inducted into the prestigious Canadian Walk of Fame. However, for some reason or other everyone involved in the planning and preparations neglected to invite or even ask his family to participate.

Anyway, I digress! Here is the original article from the Canadian newspaper “The Star.” You can make up your own mind on what happened. 


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  1. Brian Lumley says:

    Doug’s star on the Canadian Walk of fame is the good work of David Ben and Julie Eng of Magicana here in Toronto. Magicana organized the promotion of Doug to get his star and paid for the creation of the video of magicians praising him at his induction.
    Maya, Goddess of Illusion, and I were the only representatives for Doug on the Red Carpet. I thought I might see a street performing magician along side the carpet, as used to happen at some of his shows, but no such luck.
    I gave an interview to a local news radio station praising Doug for what he did for magic. How he took a new unknown magic show from Toronto, ended up on Broadway and how he sealed his fame with live international TV broadcasts. It was aired the next day.


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