The Chip Romero Collection: Fan Mail Postcard Response

In our continuing exploration of Chip Romero’s vast Henning collection, Chip talks about a common way Doug would answer his fan mail. However, what comes across as a simple postcard becomes much more on closer inspection.



“I’ve never seen any of these before I bought this collection, and I haven’t seen one since. I’ve got about thirty of them…they’re signed in gold on the back in his hand…and that was how he would answer fan mail. 

To my knowledge, it’s the only color picture of the denim outfit…Obviously it was taken at the same time of the black and white one where he’s looking through the rings…

That is his signature in gold pen, and they’re all signed…It’s like he just grabbed a chunk of them…and they never got sent out.”

Special Thanks to Chip Romero


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  1. Jim Klodzen says:

    Mine is signed in red ink. Dated Feb 1978


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