“Merlin” Golden Key Chain Ticket


As it’s been a while since we’ve talked about “Merlin” on the site, I figured what better time than with today’s post.

This commemorative key chain ticket was part of a package deal that you could get along with an expanded program (for an extra charge of course.)

That expanded program was featured on the site back in October. However, it is this “golden ticket” that shows that the inventiveness of the production didn’t only reside on the stage each night!

Special Thanks to Craig Schwarz

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  1. Frank Simpson says:

    Really, there’s nothing unique about the ticket-style keyplate. In those days you could get one for every show on Broadway. I have one for Phantom of the Opera, Cats, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and I bought a Merlin one (along with a couple of pinback buttons) in a bargain bin in 1994. I think the most magical part of this particular image is the ticket price of only $40.00 for an orchestra seat!
    There is another other error in information on the keyplate. Merlin’s opening night was February 13th, not January 9th. I do know that Merlin pushed back their opening night several times, and might have announced Jan 9 at one time. It would have been prohibitively expensive to change the tooling for the keyplate, so that could be why it has the incorrect date on it.
    Though it is no longer the Mark Hellinger Theatre, you can still go there. It is now the Church at Times Square. I’ve attended services there several times and it is still as beautiful as ever.


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