Doug Henning and Walter B. Gibson


The above image once again hails from the fine auction house of “Potter & Potter.” It’s from their upcoming June 16th David Baldwin auction, and in my opinion is a rare find indeed. The inscription reads:

“To Walter Gibson–My favorite magical author. Magically yours, Doug Henning”

Doug signed many autographs in his life, but this is one is special for many reasons. Walter B. Gibson is famous not only for being Houdini’s ghostwriter, but the author of many magic books and articles himself. In fact, it was Gibson’s eponymous book “Houdini on Magic” that introduced me to Houdini in the first place. 

If that weren’t enough, Gibson’s place in pop culture history will always be cemented with his creation of the iconic vigilante hero, The Shadow. With the ability to cloud men’s minds, “The Shadow” thrilled pulp readers and radio listeners alike with his haunting refrain of “Who Knows what Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Men…The Shadow Knows?”

So, the fact that that Doug met Gibson and admiringly signed this playbill for him during “The Magic Show” should make one collector out there very fortunate indeed!

For more information on this lot please visit: Here



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    Neil McNally, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Keep writing.


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