Potter & Potter Auction Results


lot 460

On April 28, 2018 the Chicago auction house “Potter and Potter” held a massive sale of various magic ephemera, apparatus, books, and advertising from the late-1800s to now. 

While the sale itself wasn’t very Doug-centric this lot managed to squeak by. The official summary went as follows:

“460. Henning, Doug. Large Binder of Doug Henning Memorabilia. With several signed items, including cards, brochures, “Magic Show,” “Spellbound,” “Merlin” and “Doug Henning’s World of Magic” memorabilia, programs, sheet music, tickets, memorabilia, memorial booklet, and other ephemera. Condition generally good. 250/350.”

The lot eventually sold for $360. I was recently told by the owner that larger and more impressive Henning items are being planned for 2019. 

Way to go Doug!

For More information on “Potter & Potter” please call or write them at: 773.472.1442/info@potterauctions.com

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