Michael Grandinetti Collection: Doug and Debby Levitating Rope Illusion

Michael Grandinetti - Original Doug and Debby Henning Levitation Photo 1986


Michael Grandinetti - Doug and Debby Henning Levitation Rope
Actual Rope
Michael Grandinetti - Doug Henning Levitation Performance at Santa Monica Beach
Michael Grandinetti Recreation

The above illusion comes from the collection of Michael Grandinetti, and showcases one of Doug’s more fanciful illusions. Doug and Debby originally performed this levitating rope illusion for a 1986 cover story in “Beverly Hills Magazine.” The cover itself is memorable for many reasons, not least of which are Doug and Debby’s pure 1980s attire!

All these years later, the rope still has a little magic left in it as Michael recreated the illusion using Doug’s original equipment on Santa Monica Beach with no usage of Photoshop whatsoever. 

All this proves, the old ways are definitely still the best!

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