Original Merlin Playbill

Today’s entry comes courtesy of Nancy Henning, and is the original “Playbill” for “Merlin.” A few weeks back, I was fortunate enough to post the more elaborate commemorative program for the show, and it’s interesting to compare and contrast the two.

However, in addition to being signed by Doug himself, this “Playbill” also is a nice slice-of-life time capsule into New York of the early 1980s. Restaurants and advertisements come and go, but, even after all this time “Merlin” is forever. Enjoy!

Merlin Playbill_Page_01

Merlin Playbill_Page_02

Merlin Playbill_Page_03

Merlin Playbill_Page_04

Merlin Playbill_Page_05

Merlin Playbill_Page_06


Merlin Playbill_Page_08

Merlin Playbill_Page_09

Merlin Playbill_Page_10

Merlin Playbill_Page_11

Merlin Playbill_Page_12

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