From the Collection of Michael Grandinetti

Well, the last few weeks have certainly been fun haven’t they? It’s still amazing to me how much of Doug’s life is left to be explored, and on the rare occasions I’m not quite what to put up something  magically (pardon the pun) finds its way to me email.No better example of this are these amazing images from the collection of magician Michael Grandinetti.

Michael is a huge fan and collector of Doug, and has graciously agreed to send me images from his collection from time to time. All three images are incredibly rare and represent a point when Doug was at the peak of his career. As many of you may or may not know, Doug eventually stopped performing in Vegas for moral reasons. So, the photo of him on a billboard is worth its price of admission alone. 

Grandinetti Collection - Doug Henning 1979 Business Card
1979 Business Card
Grandinetti Collection - Doug Henning 1979 Las Vegas Billboard
1979 Las Vegas Billboard
Grandinetti Collection - Doug Henning 1979 TV Special Ticket
1979 TV Special Ticket.

To read more about Michael please visit:

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  1. Whitt Smith says:

    Cool stuff! And, Michael Grandinetti & his team are the closest thing we have to the likes of Doug Henning today. They do everything in their own way of course, but you can feel the same “wonder”, the same “fun”, etc that you did with Doug’s work.


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